How to Make String Puppets?


To make a simple string puppet, you can either use an existing toy that has easily moveable arms and legs or make your own character out of materials such as cups and string. Once you have a toy, use a strong thin string such as fishing line and attach it to each of the key points such as arms, legs and head. These should all meet on a controller which you can make from wood, or much more easily, from craft sticks stuck together.
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1. Make two pom-poms for the body and head of the string puppet. To do this, cut out two circles of cardboard that are four inches wide, and then two that are two inches wide. Cut
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To make a string puppet you will need to first construct two pompoms one being small and the other big, and then connect the body parts. Make feet and beak out of a cardboard and stick the beak to the small pompom and the feet to the big one. Glue a piece of yarn string connecting to both feet to the bottom of the body pompom. Connect r dowels together with a tack nail and a hammer making sure that they are perpendicular to each other. Connect the puppet to the dowels and a string to top of the small head pompom.
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