How to Make a SKS Fully Automatic?


When deciding whether or not to make guns such as the SKS fully automatic, you must first review the laws in your state regarding these things. In most places it is illegal to do such without the proper licensing. Making an SKS fully automatic
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It is a felony in most states to modify firearms in this way, and this is certainly something you shuld keep in mind when attempting this project. For more information look here: Full Auto SKS;
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its it the upwards area of 500.00 if in great condition, but it is also illegal as crap if its fully auto.
It is a felony to convert an otherwise legal semi automatic firearm to be fully automatic
It is illegal in the United States to make a 10 22 fully automatic. If you get caught you could go to jail for a long time. You may even be fined.
Put a sheet of newspaper on a work surface. Put the empty paint can face down on the newspaper. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the empty paint can with the portable drill
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Law enforcement officials look for weapons that have been altered or enhanced when raiding for illegal weapons. Semi automatic weapons are illegal in most states ...
There is actually no way to make an SKS fully automatic as they are prohibited under the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban. This law permits for semi-automatic modifications ...
Attempting to make any weapon fully automatic is a violation of Federal Law in the United States. There are people who sell the instructions online, however it ...
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