How to Make a SKS Fully Automatic?


When deciding whether or not to make guns such as the SKS fully automatic, you must first review the laws in your state regarding these things. In most places it is illegal to do such without the proper licensing. Making an SKS fully automatic
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its it the upwards area of 500.00 if in great condition, but it is also illegal as crap if its fully auto.
1. Contact the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms and request an application for the permit. You should receive it in a few weeks. Alternatively you can go to their website to download
The "RPK" "republk of kalifornia" is going to get you. the sentence ? being locked in a room with our govenor and forced to listen to him talk for several weeks!
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It is a felony in most states to modify firearms in this way, and this is certainly something you shuld keep in mind when attempting this project. For more information look here: Full Auto SKS;
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