How to Make a Smoke Machine?


To make a fog or smoke machine, you should purchase a cooler to hold as much dry ice as you want to use and place the dry ice into the cooler, wearing gloves for protection. The next thing to do would be to pour hot water over the dry ice to produce the fog or smoke, in which you should use a submersible water heater to produce continual smoke by keeping the water heated in the cooler.
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How to Make a Smoke Machine
Fog, or smoke machines, are useful for stage performances and, of course, at Halloween. There are several ways to make a smoke machine. It depends on the application you have in mind on the size of the machine and the "fuel" you would want to use.... More »
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To make a smoke machine you will need a cooler. Place dry ice inside of the cooler. Pour hot water over the dry ice and that will produce the smoke.
Smoke machines are neat to have. They are good for creating effects for movies, plays or just for entertainment. You can easily make a smoke machine. To do so you will need a five gallon bucket, a fan and some dry ice. You can find more info at:
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1. Remove the removable tank on the smoke machine. 2. Clean the tank with a mixture of half vinegar and distilled water. 3. After replacing the tank, let the machine run for five
In the UK it is simply known as a smokemeter or smoke analyser Please see the related link below.
Fog Smoke Machine Generates 1,800 cubic feet per minute. 1 quart lasts
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The smoke from a smoke machine is made using dry ice and water. This is by adding dry ice to hot water or steam and the carbon dioxide is vaporised to make a fog ...
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Building a smoke machine is a pretty simple project. You need a five gallon bucket, a fan and dry ice. Mount the fan above the bucket. Fill the bucket about ...
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