How to Make a Snowman Costume?


A snowman costume is a great addition to any winter carnival. An easy costume is made with three different sizes of white felt. Sew the felt into a sheath, then place it over the wearer's head. Add a top hat and scarf for the full effect.
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1. Measure the height of the person who will wear the costume. This will determine how much fabric you will need. About 5 feet of fabric will typically work for an adult, and 4 feet
You can buy it from the store. You will need 100 credits. If you already have it, you just need to look for it in your inventory.
I've been a snowman twice and both times I made my own costume (the 1st one burnt up in a house fire) I wore a white sweatsuit. Down the front, I used old pin on buttons and covered
Pack a bunch of snow around yourself! It might be cold, but
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Pack a bunch of snow around yourself! It might be cold, but ...
Making a homemade snow costume is a great idea for kids during the summer or winter. Kids might especially enjoy this during the summer since it will help them ...
1. Inflate three 36-inch balloons. Inflate one to 36 inches, one to 32 inches and one to 28 inches. Tie a piece of twine to the tied end of the balloons and hang ...
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