How to Make a Snowman with Marshmallows?


To make a Snowman with Marshmallows you will need 3 large white marshmallows, white frosting, pretzel sticks, and candy to use for eyes, nose and buttons. Take the marshmallows and dab some frosting on the tops of two of them, stack them on top of each other, stick the pretzels on the sides of the middle marshmallow to make arms, use your candy and frosting to adhere the pieces to the marshmallows.
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1. Get out three large marshmallows. Using a butter knife, place some vanilla frosting in-between the bottom and middle marshmallows. Then put some in-between the middle marshmallow
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This snowman makes a cute and delicious Christmas or winter-time craft project. It is easy for kids of all ages to do. Learn how to make this oh-so-cute winter snowman out of marshmallows
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Winter is coming, and if you live in the right place, you are going to get snow. The first thing kids want to do is make a snowman outside. By the time they are ...
To make a marshmallow Snowman takes three huge marshmallows and pile them on top of each other. Place a small quantity of white icing in the middle of the marshmallows ...
To make a marshmallow snowman edible kids craft, you will need marshmallows, skewers, chocolate chips, licorice, carrots, and circle candy. Place three marshmallows ...
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