How to Make a Solar Water Heater?


You can make a solar water heater with a heating coil from a refrigerator, a large box of some sort and some aluminum foil. The basic concept is to collect the water in the box, and the heating coil and aluminum foil will heat it up in minutes if it's out in the sun. You can modify this concept to make one to replace your regular water heater. You can find more information here:
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1. Determine the problem and trace leaks to their source. The radiator pattern of most solar water heaters will have many bends on the interior pipe; these seals can break and leak.
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1. Get a double-glazed unit for the sunlight to pass through. Glaziers and window manufacturers sometimes have scrap units for patio doors or large windows that can be bought very
Dear EarthTalk: I heard that using a solar powered water heater in my home would reduce my CO2 emissions significantly. Is this true? And what are the costs? Anthony Gerst, Wapello,
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How to Make a Solar Water Heater
Save a tree. Save some fossils. Go for the golden sun, and use its energy to conserve nonrenewable energy sources and reduce your heating bills. One way to reduce energy costs is to make a solar water heater. Many variations exist; but to simplify the... More »
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