How does one make a solenoid?


To make a solenoid, you need to have an empty toilet roll and wrap it tightly with an insulated copper wire. Then, strip of both ends of the wire and connect to a battery on each end. Finally, test the magnetism by using a sewing needle.
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How to Build a Solenoid
Build a basic solenoid that you can use to push or pull a magnetized rod, charge a magnet or generate electricity. The solenoid can be used to magnetize your screwdrivers to keep screws from getting away. The solenoid can even act as a generator.... More »
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The vent solenoid is a valve that regulates automotive emissions. It prevents the unused fuel vapours to escape into the atmosphere while the engine is off. ...
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A transmission solenoid is an electro-hydraulic valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout an automatic transmission. Solenoids can be normally open or ...
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