How can one make a spirit stick?


To make a spirit stick begin with a wooden broom handle. Cut both ends off and sand them to a smooth finish. The spirit stick can then be decorated with team colors, gems and feathers.
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1. Be sure to cut your stick straight across so that both ends are smooth. Use the pocketknife to strip the bark off. If you wish you can use sandpaper to smooth the stick, or forgo
1. Use a glass mixing bowl to mix 1 liter of water with the hydrogen peroxide. 2. Mix the sodium carbonate, luminol, copper sulfate and ammonium carbonate in another glass bowl, along
1. Cut two, 1/2-inch diameter round wooden sticks equal in length to your height. Square the ends so that any point has been removed, leaving only a safe, flat end. 2. Soak the leather
Things You'll Need. Paper-towel tube. Construction paper. Markers. Scissors. Glue. Aluminum foil. Instructions. Create the ends for your rain stick. Stand your paper-towel tube in
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How to Make a Spirit Stick
Spirit sticks are often used in camp environments as tools for encouraging teamwork and creativity. Groups win the chance to carry the spirit stick after winning challenges. At the end of the camp session, the group of campers that has won the most... More »
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