How to Make a Spirit Stick?


To make a spirit stick begin with a wooden broom handle. Cut both ends off and sand them to a smooth finish. The spirit stick can then be decorated with team colors, gems and feathers.
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How to Make a Spirit Stick
Spirit sticks are often used in camp environments as tools for encouraging teamwork and creativity. Groups win the chance to carry the spirit stick after winning challenges. At the end of the camp session, the group of campers that has won the most... More »
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Some Native American prayer sticks are crafted from spiritually chosen wood. The wood from a tree that has been struck by lightning is revered because of its strength, states
A spirit stick is an item believed to be attracted to water, oil and metals. It is a Y shape and is used for dwelling by holding on to two branches. It is the believed to point to
A spirit stick is supposed to help bring up the morale of the cheerleaders, but
It is an award given to a group of campers that have won it in a contest. When I went to Scout camp we had many different challenges to try and win the spirit stick. Fire building
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To make a spirit stick is pretty simple. Get a paper towel roll and paint it with your team colors. Allow to dry, then apply a second coat. Decorate your spirit ...
The spirit stick is an important tradition in cheerleading. The spirit stick symbolizes team work, commitment, and a good attitude while competing. Spirit sticks ...
To decorate a spirit stick, make sure to use a lot of glitter on it. You can also paste stickers of stars on it, as well as other colors and designs. Confetti ...
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