How to Make a Squirrel Tail Costume?


The most important part of your squirrel tail costume is, of course, the tail. To make the tail locate faux fur fabric in your local fabric store. Sew this into two S shapes. Make sure the fur side is facing. Sew the edges together and fill it with batting or stuffing. To attach the tail you can sew it to a belt.
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1. Fold the faux fur in half with the right sides, or furry sides, together. 2. Imagine how wide you want your tail to be and start cutting at that width. For instance if you want
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How to Make a Squirrel Tail Costume
A squirrel costume for a school activity or Halloween fun is a straightforward project. Most of the costume consists of a velour sweat suit in either brown or gray, depending on what color squirrel you want to portray. The tricky part is the tail. You... More »
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