How to Make a Street Map?


The study and practice of making maps is called cartography. Therefore, those who want to make maps professionally should enroll in cartography lessons.
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You can find a street map at a terrific website called Map Quest. You can also find map books at your public library that will be free to use. For more information, look here:
1. Obtain a map for the area you intend to travel to. Purchase it or download it via a mapping website such as MapQuest. Ensure that the map is accurate by avoiding those provided
1. Draw a Y-like outline as seen in the illustration. 2. Under it draw a horizontal outline with the same length. 3. Next draw two vertical outlines. 4. Draw an L-shaped outline positioned
they might not be updated.
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As the name suggests, a street map is a drawing that shows roads and streets in a locality or whole city. A street map is an important tool which helps in finding ...
First thing you want to do with a street map is to find out what street, road or highway you are on. Next you will want to figure out the location of the place ...
1. Decide on the specific area you will map, and make notes on its details, such as street lengths, the number of houses on each street, the distance covered by ...
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