How do you make a strong bridge out of toothpicks?


You can make a strong bridge out of toothpicks by using certain geometrical shapes. A good example would be triangles. By using triangles, you can make a suspension bridge.
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1. Determine the length, weight and angle requirements if you are doing this for a school project. For example according to the Minnesota State website, their requirements is a weight
Yes. As the previous answerers say, a tetrahedron has a very strong base, and is in fact the basic structure of the geodesic dome which is made popular by Buckminster Fuller. However
To make a strong bridge foundation, toothpick or steel, you should use a triangle based design.
Main cables must be anchored correctly, stresses must be monitored and decking must be properly attached.
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How to Make a Strong Bridge Out of Toothpicks
Traditionally, bridges gain their strength through the triangular arrangement of their beams. This principle applies equally to miniature bridges made of toothpicks. When you arrange the toothpicks into triangles and fit the triangles together, you are... More »
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Building toothpick bridges can be very fun, but also tedious at the same time. You will need a large box of uniform sized toothpicks and strong instant wood glue ...
To make a strong bridge with straws, you will need to reinforce the areas where the straws join. Use hot glue to place the straws together, being sure to hold ...
Building a toothpick bridge depends on the materials you're allowed to use. You want a strong glue, if possible, and remember to use triangular shapes in your ...
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