How to Make a Sundress?


It all depends on the pattern. Now, if you want to make one without a pattern. Take your measurements of the person and do a wrap around and add some straps. Check out this site for great ideas for sundresses.
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How to Make a Sundress
When the weather gets warmer, you may want to create new pieces for your wardrobe that will keep you comfortable in the heat. Sundresses are a great option. This sundress pattern can be shortened or lengthened for your particular style. This project uses... More »
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To make a sundress, you need to first take your hip measurement, divide that number by two and add three. Once that is done, you need to buy shirred fabric, you need to buy the length of the measurement taken plus an additional six inches. Now you need to determine how long you want to make the dress. After that, you can sew up the back seam of the dress and try it on and make adjustments as needed. Finish the hem edge with a narrow hem or zigzag finish. For the straps, you can either sew one long ribbon piece or sew straps on each side, making four pieces that tie.
If you want to know how to make a sundress, it's really helpful if you have a pattern. Once you get your pattern, the next thing you want to do is select your fabric. Pick light cotton fabrics, that are not too heavy for the summer.
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1. Measure the child's chest all the way around under the armpits. Add at least half that much again to get the length for the smocking piece. Measure from the armpit to just above
1. Make sure the weather is sundress-appropriate. A good general guideline is seventy degrees or above, but don't be afraid to break that rule if you've got a heavy jacket or you
A sundress is a light summer dress with a bodice that exposes the arms and shoulders.
(sŭn'drĕs') n. A light summer dress with a bodice that exposes the arms and shoulders.
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To make a sundress, first select a sewing pattern from the fabric store. Choose your fabric, and purchase needed items. Follow the instructions on the pattern ...
If you want to sew a sundress, the easiest way is to purchase a pattern from your local craft store. The pattern will tell you everything you need to make the ...
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