How to Make a Swollen Lip Go down?


The most effective way to reduce a swollen lip is to take a bag of ice and place it on the affected area. Do 20 minute shifts and be sure to apply chapstick beforehand so the lip does not get wet. 20 minute intervals, on and off, the swelling will clear within a day or less.
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ice ice ICE!!!
A swollen lip will generally take 2-3 days to return to normal.
You could cover an ice cube in a tissue and then over it over your lip for a minute or so. If it feels like it's helping, repeat. I think lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory
Instructions Place ice in a bag, making sure the cap on the ice bag is shut tight or the plastic bag is sealed to keep the ice securely inside. If using a cold compress from the store
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How to Make a Swollen Lip Go Down
Swelling of the lip can occur from injuries, accidents and allergies to certain types of foods or domestic animals, like cats. Moreover, swollen lips can also result from insect bites, particularly those of bees and hornets, certain illnesses like herpes... More »
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