How to Make a Three Cornered Hat?


You can easily make a three cornered hat with brown or black construction paper. You will also need scissors, a printer, printer paper, a ruler, a pencil, tape and butcher paper. Check out this site for complete directions on making a three cornered hat.
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1. Pick a material. Materials can range from paper to leather, though felt is a material that is common, easy to work with and sturdier than paper. 2. Draw a half oval on the material
Three Cornered Hat. Cut three 12" X 3" strips of construction paper for each child. Let the children make three-cornered hats like the ones worn in George Washingtons Day.
1. Make the police hat pattern double its size and print out a copy of this pattern. You will likely need two bond papers to print out all parts of the pattern. 2. Trim out the printed
1. Use the compass to draw a circle on the 2.4 mm thick cardboard. Experiment with different sizes until you find one that suits your hairstyle and outfit. Cut out the circle and
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How to Make a Three Cornered Paper Hat
Paper hats are an oldie but a goodie. These hats are fun to make for children’s parties or entertaining the grandchildren. Use newspaper, wrapping paper or construction paper to make paper hats. Decorate the hats with feathers, ribbons or color... More »
Difficulty: Easy
Making a three cornered hat is pretty easy. You will have to do alot of folding and the kids will enjoy it, the only supplys you will need is newspaper and tape. For more information look here: Here is some informaiton on making three cornered hats;
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