How do you make a tin man?


To make a tin man, get the supplies such as awl, heavy wire, coffee cans, wire cutters and wood screws. Paint all cans with silver paint, make a hat and glue string on the opposite sides of its base. Punch holes in 32, 20 and 13 ounce cans, set the neck on the body and bolt them together. The next step is to place a leg to each side of the bottom end of body and attach and running a 7 inch long piece of wire its holes. Finally glue in the eyes, paint nose, mouth, and ears with a black colour, add button circles on body and red heart on the left side of the chest.
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1. Design your tin man. This is the fun part; you can make him look however you like. Do you want to follow the design of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz book or movie? Or do you
To make a man happy, show him you care for him. Be affectionate and loving, and always there for support when he needs it. A man will be happy with you as long as he knows that you
The character of the same name in the Tin Man is Neal McDonough, who was born on February 23, 1966. He was in his 40's when he was playing the character on the Sci Fi Channel. As
you mean a costume? or a model? if a model you can find it on ebay as cheap as chips, if a costume find yourself some kind of big buckets, pierce them to shape into the body of who
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To make a Tin Man costume, you will need silver spray paint, face paint, and hair spray. You will also need cardboard, a funnel, grey sweat pants a size or two ...
Jack Haley was an American stage, radio, and film actor. He became particularly famous for playing the role of Tin Man Min in 'The Wizard of Oz'. Jack Haley died ...
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