How to Make a Tin Man Costume?


To make a Tin Man costume, you will need silver spray paint, face paint, and hair spray. You will also need cardboard, a funnel, grey sweat pants a size or two too big, and a light colored raincoat. Cut out cardboard pieces to wear under the sweat pants and rain coat. Spray paint all clothes and the funnel silver and allow to dry. Paint face silver, apply silver hair spray, put on black lipstick, and put on clothes. Insert cardboard pieces in the legs of the pants and the chest and back of the raincoat.
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I think the closest you will ever get to an answer is Jack Dawn (who was MGM's head makeup man at the time).… I hope that answers your
Here are 3 ways.
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To make a tin man, get the supplies such as awl, heavy wire, coffee cans, wire cutters and wood screws. Paint all cans with silver paint, make a hat and glue string ...
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Get a big cardboard box which will act as the base of the costume. Eliminate the flaps from one end of the box, making space for you to put the box over your head ...
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