How do I make a topographic map?


A topographic map displays the different elevations of a landscaping using contour lines. In order to create a topographic map you will need a block of modeling clay, a piece of wax paper, a rubber band, pencil, metric ruller, paper, and brown and blue colored pencils. You can find more information here:
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The easiest way to make a topographic map that actually shows physical topography (as opposed to just being indicated by symbols) is to get a large piece of plywood and some clay
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To learn how to make a topographic map, it's good to start with a concrete example. With a ruler, some modeling clay, a piece of dental floss, a piece of paper and a pencil, you can
Topographic maps are very important for a lot of reasons. Their uniqueness over other kinds of maps has made this one very useful not only for students but more importantly to graphic
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How to Make a Topographic Map
Studying the different types of maps is essential for geography students. When teaching about topographic maps, or maps where geographical changes are enumerated using lines, consider using this fun activity to teach the students how topographical maps... More »
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Topographic maps are used in many types of geographic planning, or architecture. They are also used in mining, and recreational activities such as hiking. ...
Topographic maps are used to show the terrain of the earth or land. They show mountains, valleys, and islands and the 'lay of the land' so to speak. They also ...
A topographic map is normally used to characterise and show areas and the earth's shape by displaying symbols and contour lines. Contour lines are marked to display ...
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