How do you make a tree costume?


Tree costumes are fun and creative to make. You can wear brown sweats and cut out leaves from construction paper and glue it to the arms.
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1. Get all your materials together. This article gives some different suggestions for materials. You can choose these or come up with your own. You can even use real leaves to make
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1. Buy super large t-shirts to use as dresses or larger over shirts. You need one for each person. They should be white and stain-free. 2. Cut three-inch slits up the left and right
1. Cut two large oval shapes from gray construction paper. Cut two slightly smaller ovals from pink or black construction paper. Choose pink if you're going for a cute or comical
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To make a tree costume you will need a few different materials that are easy to find at your local craft store. The best part of the tree costume instructions is that you are not required to sew anything! For more information look here:;
To make a tree costume, you can wear a long sleeve brown shirt with brown sweat pants. Get an old hat and pin or glue fake leaves to it. Also pin or glue leaves randomly on the shirt, especially the arms, and on the pants.
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