How do you make a Tudor ruff?


To make a Tudor ruff, first you will need to make a neckband out of material. Then take a long strip of material, such as organza or silk; you can add lace to one side if you wish. To the other side of the strip sew on some wire. Alternatively you could use a strip that already comes with wire inside. Bend the wire so that it makes loop shapes and sew it onto your neck band evenly. For instructions of how to make a Tudor ruff out of paper, visit$File/Making%20a%20Tudor%20Ruff.pdf.
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How to Make a Tudor Ruff
The Elizabethan neck ruff was in style between 1485 and 1603 during the Tudor period. This neck ruff was worn by both men and women as a style element. The traditional neck ruff was made from stiff cloth folded into pleats. The ruffs stuck out around the... More »
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Tudor is a dynasty that includes kings and queens of England. A ruff is an item of clothing worn in Western Europe in the seventeenth century. Tudor ruffs were circular collars with different styles of frills which covered the neck, chin, breast and shoulders. They became famous through the daughters of King Henry the eighth.
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