How do you make a U-tube manometer?


The open-tube manometer is a device that may be used to measure pressure. To make a U-Tube manometer, use the tube fasteners to connect the plastic tubing, hang a plumb bob to offer a vertical reference, mix water in a beaker and then position a ruler vertically. Finally, insert one of the unwrapped ends of the manometer over the gas source nozzle.
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How to Make a U-Tube Manometer
A manometer is a general term for any device that measures pressure. A U-tube manometer is a specific type of manometer that measures the difference in pressure between two sources of gas. It typically compares a gas source with an unknown pressure to... More »
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A manometer is a device that is used to measure atmospheric pressure. It is normally U-shaped, and made of glass that is filled with some liquid. The liquid that ...
A manometer is a measuring tool. It is used for measuring pressure and flow rate of liquid and/or gas in a pipe. There are four types: U-tube, well-type, inclined ...
Manometers are gadgets that are used in the measurement of pressure. A simple manometer usually comprises a tube of glass in a U shape that has been filled with ...
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