How do you make a U-tube manometer?


The open-tube manometer is a device that may be used to measure pressure. To make a U-Tube manometer, use the tube fasteners to connect the plastic tubing, hang a plumb bob to offer a vertical reference, mix water in a beaker and then position a ruler vertically. Finally, insert one of the unwrapped ends of the manometer over the gas source nozzle.
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1. Utilize a tape measure to find distances. Measure the vertical distance in inches between the top of the liquid in the left and right portions of the U-shaped tube. As an example
1. Drill holes in a wood block using a 3/8-inch drill bit. Space holes three-quarters of an inch apart from center to center. You should be able to fit 25 holes total, in five rows
1. Remove the stove top cover and remove one of the burners assemblies. 2. Attach the long end of the manometer tube to the burner outlet and turn that valve to the on position. 3
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How to Make a U-Tube Manometer
A manometer is a general term for any device that measures pressure. A U-tube manometer is a specific type of manometer that measures the difference in pressure between two sources of gas. It typically compares a gas source with an unknown pressure to... More »
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