How to Make a Untraceable Phone Call?


In modern times it is impossible to make a truly untraceable phone call. The best method involves using a soft phone program to place calls with a computer. This is more difficult to trace because it does not use traditional phone equipment and services.
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1. Use a spoof card to make an untraceable phone call. Although spoofing services are mainly used by. law. enforcement agencies, anyone can obtain a card legally to keep his number
These days almost everything is traceable. From the activity on your Internet to the cars we drive around in to the phones we place calls on. But sometimes, a little anonymity is
Buy two phones from different carriers. use xerobank's TOR browser to
1 Pick up the phone. Ad 2 Go to the home screen. Many new models of cell phones have a variety of different functions, and will often not let you dial if you are using one of these
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