How to Make a Untraceable Phone Call?


In modern times it is impossible to make a truly untraceable phone call. The best method involves using a soft phone program to place calls with a computer. This is more difficult to trace because it does not use traditional phone equipment and services.
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1. Use a spoof card to make an untraceable phone call. Although spoofing services are mainly used by law enforcement agencies, anyone can obtain a card legally to keep his number
there is no way to make a phone call completely untraceable. *67 ONLY prevents caller ID from being sent, it does not block ANI - so toll free numbers still can obtain your phone
Buy two phones from different carriers. use xerobank's TOR browser to
1 Pick up the phone. Ad 2 Go to the home screen. Many new models of cell phones have a variety of different functions, and will often not let you dial if you are using one of these
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