How do you make a vacuum pump?


To make one you need the following materials: fridge compressor, vacuum advance unit, grunt tension spring, vacuum gauge, a mains voltage micro switch, 2 'T' junction air fittings, plastic tubing and a sheet of plastic, or a bag, and some tape. Build a wooden box from plywood to store all the hazardous parts installing the valve outside putting the iron wire inside. Connect the power wires by soldering and bolt the microswitch to the base. Solder a push button to the switch using a two piece of wood and install the electric junctions in an isolated box placed on top of your wooden box. Install your fridge compressor using anrubber damper onto a wooden plate. Cut the in and out tubes using a tube cutting tool to 8cm and out of the out tube fix a 20cm tube on a wood stick and cover the end with a ping pong ball with small holes drilled into it to let air out. Fix the vacuum tube to the in compressor and add a T' to get one tube to go into the inlet of the regulation and the other to the bag. Seal any leaks with silicone and let it dry.
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1 Cut and crimp the tubes exiting the refrigerator compressor so as to prevent gas from leaking. Ad 2 Place the compressor in an enclosed area that will prevent shocks while working
Things You'll Need. Tube cutter. Pliers. Wrenches. Screwdrivers. Protective eyewear. Manifold gauge set. Recycled Compressor. Assure the absence of refrigerant in the system of the
I think you have to make it out of plastic then connect to the vacuum.
Things You'll Need * Shoelace * Cord lock * Plastic tubing * Foam pipe insulation *
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