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A venturi is a device that injects air into pond water to ensure adequate pond aeration, when making a venturi it is fashioned out of 22mm UPVC water pipe, with a corresponding 22mm T-piece and the central cone shaped restrictor hole is fashioned out of - wait for it - plasticine and again using the drill bit, constantly and slowly rotated, held loosely in your fingers, rotate it in a circular conical see-saw kind of motion with its axis at the centre of the T-piece, so that the plasticine is slowly squished out from both ends and then excess carefully cut off with a modelling knife and be careful to make sure the excess plasticine is trimmed sufficiently far back into the T-piece because if you don't, when the 22mm piping is push-fitted into the T-piece, it will squish the plasticine in again so ruining the shape of the cone just created. You may have to repeat the process for several times:- mould, shape, trim excess, until you are satisfied with it.
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A venturi with a restrictor inside and above-water level air tube can be made with simple pipework and can improve pond aeration and water quality. Reference this link for venturi project information and instructions!
Before making a venturi you must decide what size and type you want. You can make a pond, a mini-bio filter or a waterturnover venturi. Each one entails different parts. For more information look here: Instructions For Making A Venturi;
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The Venturi effect takes place when there is a reduction in fluid pressure, which takes place when the flow of fluid becomes constricted in the more constricted section of a pipe.
1. Thread the PVC reducer into the end of one of the PVC tees. Add the 1/2-inch PVC pipe to the end of the reducer. Thread the second reducer to the other end of the PVC pipe. 2.
Measuring flow of a fluid based on Bernoulli's principle.
Simply put, the venturi is the air/gas mixing tube between the orifice and the burner. The opening you see is the primary air opening, it allows air to the burner and is sometimes
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Venturi is a narrow tube or pipe with a constriction that measures and controls the flow of fluid through reducing the pressure and increasing the velocity of ...
The Venturi effect refers to the effect that happens when fluid is running through a pipe. When the fluid is forced through a narrow section, it results in a pressure ...
The Venturi effect refers to a decrease in fluid pressure due to the increase in velocity caused by narrowing of a tube. This is explained under the Bernoulli's ...
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