How to Make a Water Cycle Model?


We all know that the water cycle involves evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. However, if you have a small empty aquarium and a desk lamp, you can create a miniature model of the earth's water cycle. Full lesson plan available here:
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If you have ever taught or helped with the science homework of elementary school children, you have probably assisted students in creating a diagram of the water cycle. A diagram
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Water comes from the Ocean where it evaporates to form Clouds. The Clouds eventual come down as rain, snow or hail. This water runs from creek to streams to rivers then lakes and eventually back to the Ocean. If you can draw this process then that is a model of the water cycle. If you want to be fancy, add on animals and plants and when they get the water at different stages of the cycle.
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You Could use Sponge for making the clouds, pour water on the sponge and it could drip like rain.For rivers you could use transparent plastic tubes which can show ...
The water cycle is the journey that the water takes when circulating from the land, to the sky and back again to land. Water keeps on moving and changing from ...
The water cycle is important because life on Earth depends on the constant presence of water in its various forms. The water cycle keeps clean water moving constantly ...
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