How to Make a Water Pump?


To make a water pump, cut a piece of 2 1/2-inch-thick PVC pipe to about 12 inches long. Next, cut a small circle about the width of the PVC opening out of a flat, flexible piece of rubber. Use a waterproof marine glue to glue the tab of the circular piece of rubber to the inside edge of the PVC pipe, just near the end. Score the point where the tab connects to the rest of the flapper. Remove the cap from the top of an empty plastic 2-liter soda bottle. Now cut the top off the bottle Attach caps to the ends of another piece of PVC pipe that will just barely fit inside the first PVC tube. Now glue a series of felt strips near the bottom, in layers one atop the other, until you have something that just barely fits inside the first PVC tube, thus forming a seal cut a length of garden hose to 20 inches. Use a drill to cut a hole smaller than the diameter of the garden hose in the bottom of the outer PVC pipe. Glue the hose to the pipe over the hole you just cut. Cut another flapper out of rubber, but this time makes it slightly larger than the end of the garden hose. Glue the tab to the outside edge of the hose. Then when you push down, pressure will close the bottom flapper, while opening the one at the end of the hose, and the water will come out of the hose these way to make a water pump.
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The Mesopotamians concocted the first known water pump, called a "shaduf, around 3000 B.C. The engine block is engineered with numerous channels for coolant to pass through.
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For those needing a great basic science project, making a simple water pump is easy. It takes rubber tubing, an aquarium, and a small compressor. You can find more information here:
Making a water pump is easy. Waterpumps can be used to move water from one source into another. ie. a well . You must first obtain the basic essentials to get started. For more information look here:;
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To build a water pump, cut a piece of 2 ½ inch thick PVC pipe to about 12 inches long then cut a small circle about the width of the opening out of a flat ...
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