How do you make a wedding arch?


You can easily make a wedding arch out of PVC pipe. The PVC pipe needs to be 16 feet long. You will also need silver spray paint, tulle, artificial flowers, ribbon, scissors, fishing line, metal stakes, a hammer and a tape measure. Check out this site for complete directions for building a wedding arch.
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1. Plan the design of the arch, down to the style and the measurements. Weddings arches can be literal arches, with the wood curved over the top, or they can be arbor-style arches
Making a wedding cake takes some planning and dreaming, but is a project anyone can accomplish. First decide on the shape of the cake, then the flavor. Bake and decorate simply or
1. Hold a piece of cardboard against one face of the arch to which you intend to attach stone and trace the arch onto it for a template. Cut the template out with a box knife and
1. Pour sand into a plastic bag and seal the end to stop the sand escaping the bag. Repeat the process to fill a second bag. When using a PVC frame for the balloon arch, the two base
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How to Make a Wedding Arch
A beautifully decorated wedding ceremony deserves a wedding arch that is just as beautiful. And all of that splendor can cost you big bucks. A grand outdoor wedding does not have to break the bank. There are many ways to to save money without... More »
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Making a wedding arch is a nice and inexpensive way to decorate a wedding. First, purchase a piece of PVC pipe from the local home improvement store. When bent, the PVC will form an arch. Purchase fake greenery and flowers to decorate your arch.
To make a wedding arch, you can use different things. You could do it in white balloons, or a lades of flowers like roses. And you can make the roses any color that you want.
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There are numerous ways to decorate a wedding arch. You can do it simply with ribbon and bows in the colors of the wedding. To add a touch more, get greens from ...
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