How to Make a Wind Powered Toy Car?


To make a wind powered toy car, you will need to make it as light as possible. Use light materials such as thin plastic, wood or paper. Attach a fan to the back of it for the wind to hit. Use tape or glue to bind it together.
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1. Measure the diameter of the plastic bottle caps or lids and divide the number in half. Rest the plastic bottle on its side on a flat surface. 2. Make a small mark with a permanent
To make solar powered car, you need solar panels, battery, electric motor, transmission system & electronic control system along with chassis & wheels.
This has already been done. I am not sure if it is currently in production: Thanks and good luck.
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How to Make a Wind-Powered Toy Car
You can make a wind-powered toy car in minutes from a few common household items. Wind-powered toy cars harness the forward motion of the wind is the same way as a sailboat. Unsteady wind strength and direction may cause your sailing car to travel in an... More »
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