How is a wish made with a wishbone?


To make a wish with a wish bone, take a dry collar bone of a poultry bird like either a turkey or a chicken. With a partner, both ends of the bone your small and ring fingers then close your eyes for a while and make a silent wish of something you`d like to have. Pull the bone apart and whoever goes with the longest part of the bone have their wish come true.
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1. Dry the collarbone of a turkey, chicken or other form of poultry. Take all the meat off of it, and lay someplace to dry. It should take about three days for the collarbone to dry
Every person has a lot of wishes. If you have wishes if you pray a lot and if you really want your wish to come true, it will happen. All you have to do is to believe in your wishes
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You need some 1 powder, 1 water, and 10 smoke drops.
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How to Make a Wish on a Wishbone
Making a wish on a wishbone dates back 2,400 years to the Etruscans in Italy, according to Charles Panati, author of the book, "Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things." They believed the cock and hen were soothsayers who could predict the future and... More »
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