How to Make a Wooden Manger?


You can make a manger and the rest of the stuff to go with it with only pieces of wood. You will need to measure them, cut them and then bind them together. A good understanding of wood working is a plus! For more information see here: ;
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1. Load your printer with clear plastic overhead projection sheets instead of paper. Print side-view outline drawings of a donkey, cow, sheep, dove and camel and the Holy Family around
1 Determine the size of the manger. This style manger is simple to make with wood pieces of the same size. For example, you could create slats that are 24 inches (60.9 cm) long and
Things You'll Need. Two antiqued brass top-mounting hinges. Four antiqued brass box corners. Hammer. Rasp. 1 inch finishing nails. Sandpaper (coarse and fine). Walnut or dark stain
Things You'll Need. Wood block. Hand carving tool. Wood glue. Clamp. Plane. Hand drill. Electronic tuner. 200-grit sandpaper. Linseed oil. Beeswax. Cloth diaper or other soft cotton
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