How to Make a Wooden Treasure Chest?


To make a wooden treasure chest you will need a nice wood that fits the purpose you need and some woodworking tools. For downloadable plans and instructions, visit
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1. Select the wood you would like to use. Pine is the least expensive, and both sands and stains well. For extra character and to make your treasure chest look “well used,&rdquo
1 Find a treasure chest. Old chests can be picked up from estate sale auctions or online auctions. In some cases, you might find them in antique stores or thrift stores. Getting one
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Kids of all ages enjoy making treasure maps, even without real treasures involved. Making a treasure map is a perfect activity for groups, especially pirate-theme birthday parties
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How to Make a Wooden Treasure Chest
Wooden treasure chests are a wonderful project that can range from small to large, depending on how much treasure you have amassed. Here’s how to build a basic wooden treasure chest. Youngsters can also do this project, with adult supervision. The... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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