How to Make a Yarn Necklace?


A yarn necklace can be made in several ways. They can be crocheted, crocheted with beads, braided or knit. Different types and textures of yarn can be used depending on what type of necklace you make.
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Things You'll Need. Ball of trellis yarn. Crochet hook (optional). Scissors. Instructions. Measure out about an arm’s length of yarn, but don’t cut it. Create a slip knot
1 Obtain the needed supplies. (See list at bottom of this page.) Ad 2 Choose yarn colors that coordinate with each other . This can easily become a Christmas wreath with red and green
1 Select your yarn, size, and if you want a pair of falls or just one (single falls tend to be thicker). Ad 2 Make or find something to use as a frame. To make a frame, cut some cardboard
Things You'll Need. Cardstock or construction paper. Patterned paper. Scissors. Glue or adhesive dots. Paint and brushes. Pens. Embellishments. Glitter glue. Ribbon. Drinking straw.
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