How to Make a Year Planner?


For a year planner you will need a large sheet of card. Down the left-hand side draw enough rows for the months. For a very simple chart, along the top you can simply write the numbers from one to thirty-one. For a more detailed chart, write letters to represent the days of the week, for at least five weeks. Then where the rows and columns intersect you can add in the dates. Each month will not line up exactly but you will have more information and you will be able to plan events weekly.
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A Year Planner lets you plan events on a single multi-month page from 1 to 12 months using the classic planner layout and is usually only available as a wall chart which can be downloaded. Year Planner is a Microsoft Windows compatible application which manages, organizes, and presents calendar based events-data for individuals, groups, and organizations. It, for example, helps home users remember appointments.
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