How to Make African Style Animal Masks with Kids?


Get a bunch of plastic masks from your local craft store, along with paints, felts, and other decorative supplies. Print out some references of African animals and let the kids decorate the masks to their tastes.
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1. Cut a large oval from one piece of 12- by 18-inch construction paper. At the top and bottom of the oval, make one slit in the middle of the oval's edge that extends about 1.5 inches
African style animal masks are great learning tools for kids. You can teach them about animals indigenous to African as well as harness their artistic skills. These masks are easy
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African masks can be made from materials such as fabric, wood, metal, etc, and is a popular kids' crafts activity. Simple tools are required in the preparation of these masks and
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How to Make African Style Animal Masks with Kids
You can create an African-style paper mask quickly with kids or adults. Mount them on poster board or construction paper for a three-dimensional effect. The masks make beautiful wall decor or could be used in any African or black history celebration or... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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