How to Make an AK-47 Fully Automatic?


There is one thing you must keep in mind when considering turning a AK-47 semi auto to a full blown automatic 'machine gun'. It is illegal and you can go to federal prison for it. But if you still have the urge to continue on keep reading. Check out this helpful link for more information on this topic:
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Anyone that owns a legal AK47 will know how to gain information on their rifle, since they are worth about $14,000 each. People that do not know are generally asking how to create
A skilled machinist could do it, but in the United States and most other countries it is a federal offense at the felony level to do it or show someone how to do it. Source(s): old
1. Put an 11x14-inch sheet of white paper onto a table with the long side lying vertical. Roll the sheet of paper from the bottom to the top to make a tube. Tape the top and bottom
1. Gather the materials needed. Refer to the Things You'll need section to figure these out! Ad. 2. Cut to these exact specs or else it won't turn out right! Cut the foam to the specifications
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Many states have rules and/or permits required for fully automatic weapons so be sure and do a little research for your area before starting. Other than that, it is just a matter of removing the sear or sanding it down.
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To convert an AK 47 to fully automatic, which is illegal by the way, you will only need to add a twist tie to your weapon. Your first step will be to remove the ...
There are only a few materials needed to convert your AK 47 into an illegal but fully automatic weapon - an AK 47, a twist tie, and a lot of ammunition. You will ...
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