How to Make an Am Antenna?


To make an antenna. use two 2.5cm by 1.25cm by 43cm wood pieces nail together a cross-shaped support frame that measures 43 by 43cm. Nail the frame to the centre of a piece wood 61 by 5 by 4 cm. Use an insulated tape of 56cm to wrap the frame from corner to corner using the nails at the end to hold the wire. Use a wire stripper to remove the insulation at the ends and attach them to the AM inputs on your radio
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How to Make an AM Antenna
AM radio listening can be an interesting hobby. Radio distribution conditions allow broadcasts in the AM frequency bands to travel long distances at night. With a good radio and a proper antenna, it's possible to pick up many distant stations. This... More »
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To make an AM antenna you will need wood, nails, insulated wire, and a wire stripper. Naile two piedes of wood in a cross-shape frame. Nail in a small nail on the end of each piece of wood to hold the wire. Attach one end of the wire to the radio and the other to the piece of wood. Check out this website on how to make an AM Antenna.
You can make an AM antenna with a number of commonly found items. You might want to have a block of wood handy to make a base out of, but the material is really up to your personal preference. For more information look here: Using insulated solid wire; Using telephone cable
To make an AM antenna you will need some insulated wire, two pieces of wood, some nails, some screws, some twine, a hammer and a screwdriver. You can find more information at
In order to make an AM antenna you will need a saw, hammer, L brackets made out of metal, lumber and a radio with an AM connection on the back of it as well as some nails.
To make an AM antenna, you will start by taking two 1 inch x 1/2 inch x 17 inch pieces of wood, and nail together a 17x17 support frame in the shape of a cross. Nail this frame to a piece of wood. Wrap the frame from corner to corner with insulated wire, and leave a piece of wire that will be attached to the radio. Use a wire stripper to remove insulation at the end of the wire and attach to the radio's AM inputs.
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1. Determine the type of antenna installation that you’ll need to perform. Some radios have terminals in the back for connecting an external antenna. Other models, including
[ (234) divided by (station frequency in MHz) ] feet, hanging vertically.
With Linux I believe just running iwconfig will tell you the current channel rate you are connected. Embed Quote
The loop takes advantage of the resonant properties of an inductor & a capacitor
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