How to Make an Animal out of Yarn?


It is quite simple to make an Octopus out of yarn. All you need is a hardcover book, yarn and a bit of stuffing. Start by wrapping yarn around the book until the book is 1/2 covered in yard. Cut the yarn off the book by cutting straight across on edge of the book. (Repeat). Lay the yard flat forming an X. Place the stuffing in the middle of the X. Gather the yard around the stuffing and tie to form a neck. Then braid the yarn below the neck to form the legs. Tie at the end and you are done!
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1. Begin making your yarn pom-pom by placing two of the four templates that come with pom-pom maker back to back. Wrap your choice of colored yarn thickly around the center, where
Animal fibers used for yarn include: sheep's wool, llama, alpaca, goat (mohair and cashmere) rabbit (angora) moths (silk) buffalo, bison, camel, and even dog and cat hair (called
Alpaca is awesome! Their fur is so soft to begin with, and the yarn you can make to knit or felt with in incredible. And they don't smell, like goats and sheep do.
Animals and nature are a source of fascination for many children and make a great subject for arts and crafts. Supplement a classroom field trip to a zoo or animal sanctuary by having
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Animals made out of yarn are really cute, easy, and it uses your left over yarn. To make a Polar bear you need some white yarn, some felt for the nose and a Styrofoam ball. For more information see here: ;
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There actually is no way to felt acrylic yarn. In order to felt yarn the yarn must have animal fiber in it such as wool and it must have a high percentage of ...
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