How to Make an Atom Project?


To make an atom project you will first need to look in the periodic table and find out how many protons, neutrons and electrons are required for the element your making. Get styrofoam balls to represent your protons, neutrons, and electrons. Color the balls three different colors so that you're able to distinguish which is which. Get a piece of hard cardboard for your base, place a dowel in the center of cardboard, now place all your protons, and neutrons clustered together. Attach these to your dowel. Your electrons should orbit your atom, you can do this by getting some wire and making a circle around your atom. Place your electrons on the wire at appropriate spots.
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1. Gather 4-inch-diameter polystyrene foam balls for the number of components in the atom. Separate the balls into groups of electrons, neutrons and protons. Spray paint the balls
the project for the atomic bomb was called...............................the manhattan
The Manhattan Project was the code name used for the secret plan to
How about some wire for the electron orbits, reflecting back on the old planetary atom days which is still useful in early atomic structure understanding. Bailing wire at the hardware
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