How to Make an Egg Costume?


To make an egg costume, start by finding a clothing material that will work for the egg white and egg yolk. The white material will need a head hole and two arm holes. Stitch in stuffed pockets in the rounder outer rims of the egg to help keep the shape of the egg. Add a stuffing pocket in the front covered by your circle of yellow material for the yolk.
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1. Gather three 30-inch squares of corrugated cardboard. Ask the subject to lie down on one piece of cardboard, and draw a fried egg shape around them, using squiggly lines, from
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try a whit pillow case cut the hole for the head and stuff with cotton balls just snugly cinch the bottom part with rubber bands dab some glue to seal in the cotton.
From the article: Ten Lady Gaga Costumes to Make. I can't possibly be the only one who saw Lady Gaga's incubation at the Grammy's and thought. how did they make that big honkin egg?
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How to Make an Egg Costume
Making a costume is cheaper than buying one, and making one yourself curbs the temptation to pay inflated prices for a cute but expensive store costume. Creating a costume does not have to be stressful or overwhelming, especially if are making a simple... More »
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