How to Make an Egg Costume?


To make an egg costume, start by finding a clothing material that will work for the egg white and egg yolk. The white material will need a head hole and two arm holes. Stitch in stuffed pockets in the rounder outer rims of the egg to help keep the shape of the egg. Add a stuffing pocket in the front covered by your circle of yellow material for the yolk.
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1. Gather three 30-inch squares of corrugated cardboard. Ask the subject to lie down on one piece of cardboard, and draw a fried egg shape around them, using squiggly lines, from
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How to Make an Egg Costume
Making a costume is cheaper than buying one, and making one yourself curbs the temptation to pay inflated prices for a cute but expensive store costume. Creating a costume does not have to be stressful or overwhelming, especially if are making a simple... More »
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