How to Make an Electric Fence Energizer?


An electric fence is designed to create an electrical circuit when touched by a person or animal with a component called a power energizer that converts power into a brief high voltage pulse. It can be made by figuring out what type of electric fence you will and what people of humans or animals are you preventing from accessing the premises. Choose the appropriate energizer depending on the fence's length by doing proper wiring with earth terminal. Test the fence and the wirings to see if everything is in order.
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1. Purchase a plastic trash can large enough to completely cover your fence charger. 2. Cut an opening in the back of the trash can that will allow you to lower the bottom of the
i have a diagram for the car coil fence.
OK, better answer. power is the energy per second. The units of energy are Joules. The units of power are Joules per second, also called Watt. So use 1 Joules every second & you
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