How to Make an Electric Worm Probe?


In order to make an electric worm probe you will need a metal rod, extension cord and some electrical tape. Begin by splitting the electrical cord in half and tape it to 1 rod with the electrical tape. Now take the other end of the cord and attach it to another rod.
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1. Cut the electrical wire into two equal two-foot pieces using your wire cutter. 2. Strip five to six inches of plastic insulation off one end of each piece of wire using your wire
Stick a unfolded paper-clip through the rectum of the worm. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and gently place the opposite end of the paperclip in an outlet.
1 Choose 3 or more pom-poms. Ad 2 Glue the first to the second and so on, to create a worm-like chain. 3 Glue googly eyes to one end of the pom-pom chain. 4 Optionally add embroidery
1. Place a portion of your plastic into the metal pan located over your heat source. Remember that a little bit of plastic goes a long way. A single ounce of plastic will make approximately
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How to Make an Electric Worm Probe
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