How to Make an Exhaust Silencer?


An exhaust silencer is simply a mechanical device that is usually used to silence or simply reduce the noise produced by the exhaust pipes of noisy motorised vehicles. An exhaust silencer is usually placed at in the junction of an exhaust pipe. It allows carbon and smoke to pass through as it muffles the loud sound produced by the combustion of fuel.
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1. Wipe out the inside of the exhaust pipe with a cleaning cloth dipped in water. This will remove carbon deposits and dirt that have built up in your exhaust. 2. Push the silencer
1. You will need a partner for an accurate diagnosis. Ad. 2. You will need space to get under the vehicle so you can view the exhaust system from the engine to the rear exit point
To silence the exhaust. Noisy cars disturb the peace and if loud enough your car won't pass inspection and cops will find a liking to you.
just replace your muffler with a factory muffler or one equivalent.
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To make a muffler silencer, you need some steel wool, a drill, a drill bit and a nail. Begin by drilling the top of your exhaust muffler. Next, stuff the steel-wool into the exhaust muffler, making sure it completely fills out the pipe and put the nail through the hole you drilled earlier. The nail will help hold the steel-wool in place.
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Within motorcycle exhaust pipes, a baffle is a chamber that muffles or silences the loud exhaust systems. Baffles control the noises through a manifold as well ...
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