How to Make an Ice Rink?


Making a backyard rink can be easily done with a tarp, PVC pipe or wood, a large flat area, and of course, a large quantity of water. The biggest challenge is leveling the ground before laying the tarp and flooding the rink. For more information look here:;
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How to Build an Ice Rink
If you like to ice skate, there is no reason to rely on a public rink to enjoy the pastime. In the winter months, your yard can easily be turned into a wonderful skating rink for your family to enjoy. Building an ice rink is simple, but it takes some... More »
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Building an ice rink is a great way to save time and money from having to go out to one. It's great for exercise and it's great for having some fun with the family. You can find more
Purchase the paint in the colors that you need. You will need white paint for the floor and colored paints such as red, blue and black for the lines. Obtain the measurements for the
1 Get the paint, or you can get vinyl markings to replace the paint and lay them down as lines, however you will still need a white paint for the floor, alternatively if you have
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If you have kids who like to ice skate, you may have thought of making your own ice rink in your yard. To do so, you only need level ground, some sort of border ...
Ice rink is used for ice skating. To make an ice rink you choose a flat location for your rink. The spot should be large enough to skate on and maintain. Select ...
Indoor ice rinks are often used for hockey games and ice skating during the summer months. An ice rink is generally formed in layers and the rink is refrigerated ...
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