What is An Igloo?


If you have seen pictures of an igloo you have seen white squares, those squares are blocks of compressed snow then shaved to the right shape to build the igloo. Most igloos are built and used by Inuit's, but some Northern Native American cultures
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How to Make Igloo
Knowing how to build an igloo is an excellent survival skill if you plan on camping in a cold, snowy climate. Snow is an excellent insulator, and the inside of an igloo can remain quite comfortable even when the temperature falls well below zero outside.... More »
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1 Cut a 10X10 inch piece of cardboard for the base. Ad 2 Cut 60, 1X1 inch pieces of cardboard for the snow blocks. 3 Cut a 3X5 inch piece of cardboard for the entrance. 4 Tape the
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The igloo is a type of shelter built using snow. Snow is used because the air pockets trapped in it make it an insulator. Igloos were created by Inuit Indians ...
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