How to Make an Origami Horse?


If you would like to make an origami horse, you should first gather the appropriate materials, mainly the colored paper of your choice. With a few simple folds and a cut or two, you will have a beautiful horse in no time at all. Check out this site for further details on the construction of your origami horse:
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Take one square of paper, and then place it on the table in front of you so that it is in a diamond shape with one pointed corners facing you instead of the flat side of the square.
Origami crafts are becoming increasingly popular. Animals are great beginner projects for an origami novice. Learn how to make an origami pig with a few simple folds and tricks. There
There are several horse models, available at the related links below.
1. Decide what kind of origami tree you would like to make. You can use a bare-branch tree for every-day decor or dress up a Christmas tree with origami shapes. You can even create
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You will need a sheet or origami paper, and a pair of scissors to perform this art of folding paper, to make the horse. Make multiple creases and folds to form the horse.
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