How to Make an Origami Horse?


If you would like to make an origami horse, you should first gather the appropriate materials, mainly the colored paper of your choice. With a few simple folds and a cut or two, you will have a beautiful horse in no time at all. Check out this site for further details on the construction of your origami horse:
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1. Fold the top right-hand corner of the square down to meet the bottom left-hand corner. You're essentially folding the square in half diagonally. Unfold. 2. Fold the top right-hand
Fold one corner of your square paper to the opposite corner to get a triangle. Be sure to make the crease clean and even. You should only see Side 2 now since Side 1 has been covered
Make a diagonal valley fold by folding your square piece of paper in half so it forms a triangle. Make a good crease by running your fingers along the fold and pressing down. Measure
1. Cut 2 square pieces of paper 8-by-8 inches. Set one page aside to form the sheet. 2. Lay the paper right-side down. Fold it in half horizontally. Open the fold and rotate the sheet
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You will need a sheet or origami paper, and a pair of scissors to perform this art of folding paper, to make the horse. Make multiple creases and folds to form the horse.
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