How to Make an Origami Katana?


To make an origami katana you will need paper. To make a katana you fold the paper in different directions until you get the right product. This site will show you haw to make origami.
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1. Lay sheet of blue origami paper white-side up. Fold from left to right lengthwise equally eight times, then unfold. 2. Fold the top of the paper down to the center of the sheet
Fold one corner of your square paper to the opposite corner to get a triangle. Be sure to make the crease clean and even. You should only see Side 2 now since Side 1 has been covered
1. Fold a corner over diagonally on top of itself, lining up with the middle. Fold the opposing corner over in the same manner, meeting in the middle. 2. Repeat the same folds on
1. Place a sheet of origami paper face-down on a flat surface. Any size paper will do, as long as the paper is thin and square. 2. Fold the paper in half diagonally, crease and unfold
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How to Make an Origami Katana
An elegant and ancient weapon, the katana is a thin sword used by traditional Japanese samurai. For your next origami project, consider making a simple katana. Pairing an origami sword with an origami samurai creates a fun and artistic depiction of... More »
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To get start making a origami katana you will have to first divide pper into eight equal sections, next valley fold the top forth down, than turn paper over. For more information see here: ;
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