How to Make Angels with Beads?


In order to make angels with beads, you will need craft wire, an assortment of beads, ribbon, doll hair and craft glue. Use the beads to create the body of the angel by threading them through two pieces of wire. Add the doll hair to the top of the beads and tie the ribbon in a bow shape to create angel wings. Use craft glue to keep items in place.
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How to Make Angels With Beads
Handmade ornaments are wonderful additions to your Christmas tree, crafting new ones each year, shapes a time capsule of your family. Angels are a traditional ornament choice and using bits and pieces of family memorabilia to fashion them, creates... More »
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1. Measure and cut an 18-inch length of craft wire. Thread one end of the wire through one hole of a 1/2-inch flat button. Slide the button halfway down the wire's length. Thread
Some of these would need to be altered somewhat to make them no larger than 2 inches tall, but it would be easily done. Quite a wide variety of types:
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