How to Make Ask My Home Page?


To make ask your homepage you will need to open your browser. Click on tools and then options. When the box appears on the top you will see a space that has a website address in it. Place the address that you want for your homepage in that area and then click on use current. Click ok, and your done.
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If you have to have your oh so fun ask as your home page just do the following. Go to tools -> Options or Internet Options -> Now under the tab general it should have a area
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You can make a web page through the creation of files called "html. This stands for "hyper text mark-up language" and will allow the web browser to understand the data
1. Use your username and password to log into My MSN. If you do not have a username and password, you can set one up by clicking the "Sign In" button and then the "
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To make a homepage is fairly easy. There are many various websites out there that will allow you to make a homepage. Some examples are MSN, Yahoo, facebook, myspace ...
1. In the URL address bar at the top of your Internet browser, type in ", then hit "Enter. 2. Note the orange bar with the text "Welcome ...
If your one a web page and you want to make it your home page. You can go to internet options and select it to be your home page. Then you you open to internet ...
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