How to Make Baby Shower Decorations?


Baby shower decorations can do double duty. If you know the expectant mothers theme for the nursery, the decoration s for the shower might complement this theme. Rubber ducks , teddy bears, even dinosaurs can make for a cute baby shower theme. One adorable idea is a clothesline featuring the baby's new clothing and diapers pinned to it. Rubber ducks floating in a bowl of blue tinted punch looks adorable. Try to make it all something the new mom can use again after the baby comes.
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Try to stick with the pastel colors such as pink, blue, mint green, yellow and white. Balloons are always a fun, easy decoration. You could put rubber ducks in some bowls of water
1. Place the tablecloth over the table. Use a small baby quilt or blanket. Place at an angle over the tablecloth in the center of the table. 2. Blow up 10 to 12 balloons; tie off.
1. First thing is - Boy or Girl. ? It's basic, but if you get it wrong you'll be so embarrassed.Boy = blue and Girl = pink, this should be your theme for the cake. 2. Next think about
Baby showers have become a fun event nowadays. This party is no longer the usual sit-down gathering of mothers and mothers-to-be where coffee, tea or juice drinks are served with
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1. Cut a 4-foot strip of blue or pink organza ribbon. Twist strips of pink and blue ribbon together if the baby's gender is unknown. 2. Cut four, 6-inch strips ...
1. Wrap a box without a top with red wrapping paper, in the same fashion as you would a gift box. Secure the ends with clear tape. Draw 4-inch wide bricks onto ...
When you want to make a baby shower cake there are allot of decorations to put on top. You can buy baby buddies or plastic baby cloth pins. You can also get ...
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