How do you make baby shower favors?


Baby showers can be so great when the right items are bought with very good preparation and plan. You need to buy the right candles the best being the pacifiers. Make very nice cakes and cookies. You can make diaper and baby socks in form of flowers. Some items like bags, napkins can also be made.
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1. Choose a theme for the baby shower. When you make the favors, you want to have a common theme in mind to make them match the shower. The theme can be as simple as the gender color
1. Make a baby shower candy pacifier party favor. In the 1600s, parents often used white candy sticks as baby pacifiers. These edible pacifier party favors are made from either Life
1. First you will need to turn the baby washcloth into the butterfly's body. To do this, first fold the washcloth in half. Then take your chenille stem, also folded in half, and lay
1. Using the paper cutter or scissors, cut one sheet of card stock in half. Fold each half lengthwise and press the crease. This will make two blank invitation cards. For this project
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How to Make Baby Showers Favors
Baby showers can be a fun party to plan, but food, decorations and favors can quickly put many hosts over budget. Turning Styrofoam cups into baby shoes that can be used as favors, however, costs just pennies. And, you can fill them with whatever you... More »
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Baby showers are fun to go to and to plan for. You can easily make favors for a baby shower yourself. To do so you will need a pacifier, jelly beans, mint lifesavers, icing and ribbon. You can find more info at:
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