How to Make Back Tab Curtains?


To make back tab curtains, first measure your window and decide where the curtain rod will be hanged. Then, cut your fabric (measure twice, cut once). After that, hem the lengths of your panels, the bottom and the top. Finally, cut the strip into smaller sections.
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1. Calculate the required cut width of fabric by measuring the width of the rod and multiplying by 1.5. Cut the width of the panels equal to this measurement plus 4 inches for side
1. Measure the length of the curtain. Use a tape measure to determine the distance between the curtain rod and the floor. Add 5 inches (12.7 cm) to this number to account for the
1. Measure the window on the ship. If the window shape is irregular, measure a length and width that will cover the window entirely. Add 4 inches to the length and width measurements
1. Install curtain rod. Place curtain rod 1 inch above the window frame mounted outside the frame. 2. Measure windows for fabric requirement. To measure the width of fabric needed
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How to Make Back-Tabbed Curtains
Curtains with back tabs that hold them onto a curtain rod have a very modern look. Back-tabbed curtains do not need a rod pocket, grommets or drapery hooks. If you already have pre-made curtains, you can add back tabs to them as well. Using iron-on seam... More »
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